Where we're going, there are no roads. All of our plans are delivered by the community for the community.

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Website: https://100xcoin.io​

April 2021 - Lay the Foundation πŸ—

This month is filled with activities that create a solid base for our future growth plans.
  • Launch New Smart Contract
  • Refresh 100xCoin Website
  • List on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, and Coinbase
  • Two Major Exchange Listings - BKEX and Probit
  • Sign Professional Athletes to 100xCoin Brand.
  • Gain 30,000 Holders
We were successful in achieving these strategic objectives in a short time period preparing us for our next phase of growth.

May 2021 - Light the Engines πŸ”₯

This month we will announce our first use-cases and start delivering on initial feature sets. For each use case, an additional roadmap page will hosted in the coming days.
To experiment and iterate on feature sets quickly, we are building 100xLabs, a defi experimental playground on the Binance Smart Chain. The lab will work with top developers across the world in order to develop highly engaging applications for degens and professional traders.
A summary of our technology roadmap is below.
  • Announce Use Case II - 100xAltBase - Mobile app dedicated to making the BSC accessible by purchasing 100x from Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA and more. No more "Which Pancake". We will put 100x in the hands of millions of users across the world. Think Robinhood for altcoins.
  • Announce Use Case III - 100xRocket- Crypto Capital Launchpad. This bull run has created many new angel investors, including 100x Holders. Those who hold high amounts of 100xCoin (Tiered System) will be able to participate in private pre-sales. Deals will then open to smaller tiers of 100x holders until pre-sales are closed.
  • 100xLabs Releases (%'s as of the time of this writing):
    • 100xCollabos V1 (49% complete)
    • 100xAltbase Demo (70% complete)
All of our releases work in collaboration with each other. For example our mobile platform will introduce new buyers into the BSC. Whereas most early defi plays have to wait for many weeks to be listed in TrustWallet or on an Exchange, we will give early access to projects with extremely low marketcaps. Top moonshot founders will work with us to be listed on our mobile platform. We already have inquiries from several founders that have mooned projects this bull run.
  • 10 AMA's with other projects in the BSC.
  • Sponsor first professional sporting event.
  • Merchandise launch.
Key Community Hires


  • Head of Operations
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • UI UX Designer
  • Front End Engineer
  • Web3 Engineer
  • Solidity Developer


  • Professional Full-Time Shilling Team - 5 People
  • Content Creators for the 100xCoin Blog
  • Social Media Ambassadors
    • Tik Tok 3
    • Instagram 3
    • Twitter 3
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Content Creators
  • Community Manager

June 2021 - Explosive Growth πŸ₯³

This month is where the ground work really pushes the needle. With the release of our app, NFT marketplace, and launchpad, we will have all the base technology to support a multi-billion valuation.
We believe that June is the month where the alt run will be picking up full steam, and we will have all the infrastructure to grow.
  • 100xAltbase - 30,000 downloads
    • Social feature development
    • Whale wallet premium features
    • Push notifications to all users
  • 100xRocket Development - Full read here
  • Three exchange listings.
  • Website additional capacity to support full time content writers: blog, video, and real time chat.
  • 10 AMA's
  • Video Documentary of Founder Ken the Crypto
    • Planning for Netflix Special Deal in 2022
  • Satisfying Object Merchandise πŸ†πŸ˜‰
Key Community Hires


  • Head of Product
  • Operations Manager
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Professional Sports Agent
  • UI UX Designer
  • Front End Engineer
  • Web3 Engineer
  • Solidity Developer


  • Head of Media
  • Asset Manager

Q3 2021 - Running With The Bulls πŸ„

This quarter 100xLabs will be in full force cranking out new feature sets for our various technologies. Marketing will mix guerilla forces with professional skillsets to dominate traffic to the BSC.
  • 100xCollabos - total sales $2.4M
    • Chainlink NFT creation automation
    • Specialty Series for A-List Celebrities
    • In game NFT partnership
  • 100xAltbase - 174,000 downloads
    • Chained Purchasing Features (Social Buys)
    • Staking Rewards
    • Exclusive Access Group Chats and Media
  • 100xRocket - 12 launches
    • $27M raised in presale funds
    • TVL of $412M
Also included in Q3 will be potential technology for mergers and acquisitions for auto liquidity generating tokens.
  • Global 100x meetup and manual burn event
  • Feature length movie
  • Top 10 podcast guest
  • Featured on CBS Morning Show
  • Redbull or Monster Partnership
  • Managed Telegram and Discord Private Groups
  • Largest Following on Twitter of any BSC Community Coin
Key Community Hires


  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager


  • Head of Media
  • VP of Partnerships
  • Affiliate Marketing Director
  • Director of Digital
  • Director of Print
  • Events Manager
  • Ambassador Program Total Headcount: 59

Q4 2021 - Scale and Sustain β›’

This quarter we will continue to assess what is delivering the highest value for our holders. As always, we will review market trends and build feature sets that can thrive in a bull or bear market. These could include, but are not limited to:
  • Burning and Buyback Features
  • Redistribution Through Partner Tokens
  • Acquisition Tokens
  • Multilevel Liquidity Generation
  • Blockchain Media Governance
  • Blockchain Hosted Dapps and Websites
As always, we will focus on growing token adoption and a community that can sustain growth for decades.