Detailed roadmap for the 100xRocket Project


100xRocket allows clients to generate launchpads at the click of a button.
There are several other launchpads in DeFi, most notably DXSale. But while these other sites use their launchpads to launch client tokens, 100xRocket's generator can be used interactively by anyone to create their own launchpad.
This will lower the cost of creating a launchpad by somewhere near 90%. It also means that our volume is not limited by the number of tokens we can serve on our own. We would be a software powering the launchpads of our clients.
Any coin founder will be able to sign up and create a launchpad for an up-front and monthly fee. Additionally, we will collect a portion of the presales of all launched tokens in our ecosystem. Our site will have self-checkout and be easy to use. So instead of approaching software engineers to create a unique launchpad, anyone will be able to get a launchpad up and running with a few clicks.
Suppose you are running a memecoin. Today, if you want to create a launchpad that holders can benefit from purchasing early coins, you have two options. You can have a company create and serve it for you, or you can build your own platform. Both services are expensive. When our app launches, you will be able to do it in-house: anyone who can use Pancakeswap can generate launchpads at 100xRocket.
There are a number of coins that would like to add use case functionality to their ecosystem, if it were cheaper and easier. 100xRocket is the only system that can create this market.
As the market and product evolution matures, we will consider creating secondary white label applications for our B2B partners.

Revenue Generation

100xRocket will have two revenue streams.
1 - The flat fee for creating a launchpad.
2 - A percentage of presale funds on all ecosystem launchpads.
Launchpads have proven one of the most effective strategies for community adoption and growth of cryptocurrencies. We expect to see this market grow as the tools become more adopted by the larger financial institutions.
We expect to see revenues of greater than $100M annually from the flat fees and presale funds from 100xRocket.

How big can 100xRocket be?

If 100xRocket is successful, we need to explore what the future of DeFi looks like with our software.
What would DeFi look like if it was possible to spin up a brand and launchpad at the click of a button? How big of a role would we have in the future of on-chain transactions?
The answer, unsuprisingly, is extremely big. Both technical and business savvy individuals agree that crypto is going to be important. A large part of the importance will come from online financing systems. And 100xRocket could be involved in a large part of online financing and fundraising.
Why? Let's ignore 100xRocket for a moment and look at the overall state of fundraising and crowdfunding What does the future Venture Deals look like with the coming on-chain economy. The simple fact is that smart contracts and tokens provide a more efficient investment vehicle than traditional paper contracts and legal deals. DeFi creates a frictionless system that takes capital directly to the party who is going to use it. At the moment, this process is confusing and requires technical partners to enable this economy. But will this look like in a year or two?
If launching tokens and sub-economies were as easy as starting a store on Shopify, the future of the market will rely on software tools such as 100xRocket to enable future brands.
By removing friction points such as site creation, web hosting, and supporting the platform, 100xRocket will become the premier application for creating and operating launchpads. Partners time and capital is freed up to focus on the important component of growing their business and winning deals.

What it means for $100x

$100x remains our community token and currency. The 100xCoin community will have early access to premier token launches by holding $100x. While many sub launchpads will be created that may not user our master token, we will run an independent launchpad with deals qualified for our community.
Because we control the revenue from 100xRocket, we will have marketing and development funds to invest in more $100x community tools.
Global adoption of $100x as the premium alternative currency will be catapulted as more users use 100xCoin as a functional store of value.

The Platform

100xRocket's platform is built with three systems:
  1. 1.
    A server, rocket.100x.io (under construction), that can serve launchpads and support payments.
  2. 2.
    A generator that can generate launchpads to be served at the site.
  3. 3.
    An interface that allows users anywhere on the web to modify their launchpads interactively.
The site is under construction and will be used to launch the first 100x launchpad. We are working with top UI/UX engineers to make the software easy to use for all of our partners.
  • The biggest win feature is the self serve checkouts, this makes it possible for 100xRocket to be a software solution that sells launchpads to everyone, instead of a services company that has to create each from scratch.
Even compared to software companies that build launchpads for clients, we believe 100xRocket is superior.
  • 100xRocket is built with on-chain features like auto-vesting and liquidity locking. More features will be developed for our clients to activate their respective launchpads.
This is a great advantage to users, because it means they will be able to customize their launchpad to fit their needs without having to go through many change requests and development initiatives.

How people will use it.

We expect that we will have two kinds of users:
(A) Sometimes the user will be another alternative currency founder creating their own launchpad network. This user will be active in creating the launchpad the way they want to use it with their community.
(B) Otherwise the user will be 3rd party web web-developers, acting on behalf of the client. The web-developers will customize the 100xRocket ecosystem to fit the clients need.
In either case, using 100xRocket will be the same.
The client will contact us and set up a new account. The user will generate their own launchpad. The new launchpad will be operational for the customer.


100xCoin and RocketBunny are partnering to develop the 100xRocket launchpad generator.
@sycore is an expert on building dynamic web applications as exhibited by his work as the lead developer at https://rocketbunny.io/ @kenthecrypto is the CEO at https://www.100xcoin.io/ has show the ability to grow communities from the ground up and successfully launch and operate defi projects.
@cowjumpmoon is the lead developer and COO at https://www.100xcoin.io/. He is responsible for the current developments in the 100xCoin community and we'll be running the 100xRocket project
p.s. shoutout to @paulgraham for format.
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